Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I am a Full-Stack Software Engineer trained in JavaScript, Ruby, React, Redux, Rails, and SQL. I currently live in San Francisco and would love to use my creativity and technological expertise in building more applications! If interested, you can learn much more about my work below. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to connect over some coffee or tea!



KumaFlix is an inspired clone of NetFlix, utilizing videos I created during my time as the videographer and editor for grammy-nominated artist Ryan Leslie. Users of Kumaflix are able to create accounts, search and stream videos, as well as add videos to their 'My List'. Kumaflix was created with React, Redux, and Rails.


Jamma is a single page demo website that provides an interactive 3D map based on the user's location. Clicking on a business brings up a snippet of information about their happy hour deals including times, price ranges, comparisons to nearby happy hours, crowd sourced tips, and atmosphere. Within the app users can favorite their most frequented happy hour spots, leave tips for other Jamma users and change their location to view other areas.

DBZ Pong

DBZ Pong is based off the classic game pong. However, unlike pong, users will be able to move not just up and down but forward and backward as well. The velocity of the ball will be relative to the distance their sprite character is to the ball. The closer they are the faster the ball will be returned. Exaclty like pong the user wants to return a ball that cant be returned back. The game is over when the user wins 10 games.


Ruby | Ruby on Rails | Javascript | React | Redux | SQL | AWS | PostgreSQL | HTML | CSS | Git

CONTACT | 831-566-1947 | San Francisco